New recordings on AFNI Academy channel: Comments on results reporting.


We have added a short playlist on "Results reporting in neuroimaging":
AFNI Academy: Results reporting playlist

These videos discuss how decisions of what you put in your results and even how you present them in figures and tables have quite large consequences for your own understanding and interpretation of the data, as well as how other people do, too. This also has important affects on cross-study comparisons and meta analyses, and we discuss how you can either help or harm reproducibility considerations substantially.

It is important to note that transparent thresholding is easy to do in AFNI, as well as in several other software packages.

The main focus of these lectures is that presenting evidence rather than (arbitrarily thresholded) decisions is often better for everyone. Presenting more results and highlighting the most significant is better than hiding most of the results behind strict dichotomization.

But you don't have to take our word for it...