Fail to transform EPI from Talairach space into MNI space

AFNI version info (21.3.11):

Dear AFNI team,

I have some preprocessed EPI files in Talairach space and I'd like to transform them into MNI space for further analysis.
The command I use is:
adwarp -apar PATH/TO/MNI152_T1_2009c+tlrc -prefix PATH/TO/MNI_epi -dpar PATH/TO/Talairach_epi.nii -resam Cu -force
However, I've checked the transformed files and they are still in Talairach space.

If needed, I can attach my 'Talairach_epi.nii' for your inspection.
Thank you for your support in advance!

Best regards,
Yiyun Qi

That apar dataset does not contain the information needed for adwarp. There are other methods to transform between these spaces that are described here:

One of those methods uses the affine+nonlinear alignment between the TT_N27 and the MNI 2009c templates. You can do this yourself, or use the precomputed transformations here and apply it with this command to transform your data. You will have to supply a dataset with appropriate coverage and resolution for the grid in MNI space.


3dNwarpApply -nwarp \
 '../TTN27_to_MNI152_2009c/anatQQ.TTN27_WARP.nii ../TTN27_to_MNI152_2009c/anatQQ.TTN27.aff12.1D' \
     -prefix temp_MNI2009c_desai_${atlas}_MPM.nii.gz  -short \
     -source ~/abin/TT_desai_${atlas}_mpm+tlrc. \
     -master myepi_master.nii.gz

Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much for your detailed answers, I will try the affine+nonlinear alignment you mentioned!
By the way, I'm unsure what you mean by preparing a dataset in MNI space myself. Specifically, what should I provide after the '-source' option in your example command? Also, is it correct to place my TT_N27 space epi after the '-master' option?