TT_152_2009c to MNI152_T1_2009c

Neither MNI nor Talairach space is not one specific space, but each corresponds to a kind of family of spaces. MNI has about a dozen popular variants. The Desai atlases were made using AFNI’s @auto_tlrc function by alignment to the TT_N27 space. Consequently, the atlas is the TT_N27 variant of Talairach space.

Consider the following options to transform data or coordinates between MNI and Talairach spaces :

  1. Affine, 2-piece affine and 12-piece affine transformations to go from generic Talairach to generic MNI.,157350,157357#msg-157357,75269,75394#msg-75394
  2. 12-piece affine to go from TT_N27 to MNI_N27, and MNI_N27 to TT_N27.,164385,164470#msg-164470,157350,157357#msg-157357 (same as in #1)
  3. Affine+nonlinear warp to go from TT_N27 to MNI_2009c
  4. Use FreeSurfer parcellations for MNI_2009c instead of Desai atlases. See aparc+aseg+REN_all.nii.gz in compressed file below.