where am I?

AFNI version info (afni -ver): 2


The -Where Am I? feature is grayed out and my image looks like this:


Why is this happening? I'm using a t1 file as the uLay and a stats file as the oLay. I've also tried not selecting an uLay file, because, as I understand it, AFNI defaults to an MNI template, which is what I want.


Quick question: are your T1 and stats images registered to MNI space?

No they're not.

Thank you for clarifying! From my understanding, the "whereami" functionality of the afni-gui requires images to be warped to mni-space.

Your best bet might be to add subject-to-mni registration as a processing step in whichever pipeline you chose. E.g. for afni_proc.py, you can add the tlrc block after the align step.

Ok I'll try that. Thank you!