voxelwise partial correlations for resting state

Hi there,

I recently received a reviewer comment regarding the similarity of my voxelwise resting-state findings for two seeds basal ganglia seeds. They suggested I control for one seed while assessing the functional connectivity patterns associated with the other. I therefore wondered how best to run voxelwise partial correlations controlling for another seeds timeseries with AFNI. Or something similar to mSBC available in the conn toolbox; https://web.conn-toolbox.org/fmri-methods/connectivity-measures/seed-based#h.p_j0cPTry1pKPO

Thanks in advance!


The suggestion of adding another region as a covariate in bivariate correlation analysis can be as controversial/problematic as “global signal regression”. Technically you can add a covariate using the option -stim_file or -stim_base in 3dDeconvolve.