hi AFNI gurus

most probably a dumb question but i ran fast ANATICOR and there’s a volumized+tlrc volume in my .results.
i don’t usually run fast ANATICOR so i believe this is the first time i’m seeing this output, which looks quite odd (see attached).

was this from the fast ANATICOR process?

i can’t find evidence of its creation in the proc.* or in the volume’s history via 3dinfo or in the Hang Joon Jo et al 2020 paper

then again the only mention of it anywhere that i can find in this message board is within someone’s outputs from 3dAllineate.
so actually, is it related to that? any idea why it’s being output or what we should look for in it?
finally, why does it look that way not covering all brain voxels?



Hi, Sam-

I think that is unrelated to ANATICOR.

When “3dAllineate -allcostX …” is run, that volumized* dset is created. It is local volume mask related to lp* cost functions, I believe.


thanks, Paul!