Using whereami to get antomical label of activated clusters

Hi all,

I found that it is returns nothing if I using the command “whereami” to get anatomical label if my dataset is in MNI space.
The “Where am I” in the right-click recipe works very well.
However, I want to get a summary of the proportion of the overlap of the whole cluster with the brain atlas, not a single coordinate.

Thanks very much!

The below is an example command and output.

whereami -omask cluster1.nii

++ Input coordinates orientation set by default rules to LPI
++ In ordered mode …
++ Have 2 unique values of:
0 1
++ Skipping unique value of 0
++ ========================================================================
++ Processing unique value of 1
++ 781 voxels in ROI
++ 2631 voxels in atlas-resampled mask
Intersection of ROI (valued 1) with atlas MNI_VmPFC (sb0):

0.0 % of cluster accounted for.

Using the brainnetome altas, the mask in MNI space can be automatically labeled.

You can download it here:


@AfniEnv -set AFNI_SUPP_ATLAS_DIR path_of_your/brainnetomealtas/brainnetome_dist