using 3dDeconvolve and 3dLSS

I have 6 runs and 2 conditions for each participant. Right now I run 2 conditions separately in 3dDeconvolve and it runs fine. But when I tried 3dLSS I got error Unknown Option Below is my code. Does it mean I need to concat 6 runs into one file? If so do I need to change 3dDeconvolve in any way?
Another question: can I use other basis functions like SPMG2? It has two regressors and I’m not sure how it will work with 3dLSS?
Thank you!

3dDeconvolve -input -polort A -num_stimts 1 -stim_label 1 FStim -stim_times_IM 1 timing/onset/101Fstim.1D ‘GAM’ -fout -tout -x1D 101_Fstim_X.xmat.1D -xjpeg 101_Fstim_X.jpg -fitts fitts.101_FStim -errts errts.101_FStim -bucket stats.101_FStim
3dLSS -matrix 101Fstim.1D -input*.combine+tlrc.HEAD -prefix 101_Fstim_3dLSS -save1D 101_Fstim_3dLSS