Use of Seimen's MoCo Series

Hello all,
I am looking for some general input on the use of Seimen’s Moco Series for preprocessing resting state data. For one of our older study cohorts, the raw images were archived to DVD and all that was uploaded to an easily accessible server were the MoCo files:

  1. Are there particular disadvantages to using these scans?

  2. Also how does one extract motion parameters to use in down stream analysis?

  3. Last, how does this affect what needs to be down as far as motion correction downstream? Is it particularly problematic for other parts of standard resting state preprocessing pipeline?

Any input would be appreciated.


As far as I know, no one in our group has any experience with the MoCo data from Siemens – in particular, about how to get the estimated motion correction parameters. Those are desirable in the processing downstream, both for resting and task FMRI analyses.