uber_subject.py no more available, any substitution?

Hi Afni users and delvelopers,

Recently I’ve been working on the resting-state fmri data to be analysed with AFNI and successfully followed the instructions until the preprocessing.
However, when it comes to uber_subejct.py, and as it has been mentioned already it didn’t work (for the reason it failed to import pyqt4) where I spent many days to make it. Later I’ve come across that uber_subejct.py is no longer recommended nor provided for updates. But for now when I follow Andy’s instructions, it’s widely used and I badly want to try working on this.

I’m wondering if there’s any new command line or gui that can substitute uber_subject.py (and accordingly uber_ttest.py) ?

For better suggestion I’m trying to analyse the patients group and healthy controls with resting-state data. I’m considering to look for default mode network especially, although whatever other possible regions are welcome.

I appreciate any suggestion or reply.
Thanks in advance!


Yes, we have moved away from recommending uber_subject.py and from using it in our taught class tutorials. It was written to be a GUI way to set up an afni_proc.py command, but it doesn’t have the full breadth of options that afni_proc.py does. Instead, we recommend that people create their afni_proc.py commands from one of the maaaany examples in the program’s help file:
… choosing one of the examples that sounds most similar to the kind of data they are processing. For resting state, looking at Ex. 11-11b might be best for starting.

In actual fact, working with afni_proc.py itself is a lot easier for interacting with people/us to ask questions, as we can send the code back and forth directly, make comments/suggestions, etc. with exactness.

Note that our full set of most recent AFNI Bootcamp lectures are available here:
… and more specifically for afni_proc.py: