Hi all,

I’m working with an older script from an individual I no longer have access to, and I’m receiving a Fatal Error because the file TT_icbm452_lores+tlrc cannot be located. I see TT_icbm452+tlrc located in my abin folder, but not TT_icbm452_lores+tlrc. Does anyone know whether the TT_icbm452_lores+tlrc file was part of AFNI and was simply renamed or phased out? Or does this sound like a custom template I should be seeking out? I have currently modified the script to use TT_icbm452+tlrc and it works fine, but I’m just curious about whether there’s a difference in the templates.



Hi Travis,

It seems likely that it was created by resampling
the original dataset down to a lower resolution, to
match that of the functional results.

For example, consider:

3dresample -input TT_icbm452+tlrc -master GROUP_STATS+tlrc \
           -rmode Cu -prefix TT_icbm452_lores
  • rick