The label for ROI #136 is missing in D99 macaque atlas

Hi, AFNI expert
I am currently using the D99 macaque atlas. I found the ROI #136 in the D99 atlas but there is no label name for this region in the label txt file. Not sure why but can you take a look and maybe add the label for this region?


Hi, Ruyuan-

I see that there is no label for an ROI 136, indeed. However, I don’t know why, and Daniel Glen, the AFNI guru who worked on the D99 and other macaque atlas projects a lot, is now on vacation for a week, so I don’t know that you will be able to get an answer very soon.


Sorry, the version that is distributed through the @Install_D99_macaque script installs the 1.2a version, not the more recent 1.2b version. The main difference, as far as I remember, is this missing region for index 136. That happens to be the RTM region, which might stand for “Remember The Macaque region”. Download the more recent one with this link instead.

Thanks so much.
You might also want to update the website. I downloaded the 1.2a version from there.