Tags and solves

Really like the now look for the forum!

I was wondering based on my time using Neurostars whether there are plans to add:

  • ability to create tags?
  • ability to mark answers as Solutions?

Sure, those are both useful things.

I think the tags are currently enabled, actually. I think there just aren’t any tags yet—but users can create them as they post. There is also a minimum level of usership to be able to create a tag—part of the joining/verification aspect of posting. I have lowered the requisite level for that. (I know that can be an annoying feature, but those things are in place in case of spammers…)

Re. “Solutions”—Yes, that is good to have, too. I guess we just need to install a plugin for that functionality, will do.


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… and pursuant to the comment about Tags, I have just created a list from the top of my head to seed things. Hopefully more will be added by users over time, too.

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The “Solution” feature has been added.


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