switch background convexity

Could someone remind me how to load a new convexity file into the SUMA viewer? That is, SUMA has foreground (fg) and background (bk) color plane stacks. The “Load Dset” button seems only to load into the foreground stack. What is the method for loading into the background stack?


Convexity is computed on the fly, I believe. You can compute it yourself with “SurfaceMetrics -conv”, and that produces a separate dataset that can be shown in the suma GUI. The convexity in the GUI is smoothed, so it’s a little different. There are a few environment variables that could be trickier ways to handle the default convexity display. You can also toggle background dataset coloring with the ‘b’ key (you can use DriveSuma to drive suma to do this in a script).

SUMA_NumConvSmooth (env): Number of smoothing operations to run on convexity data
    default value: SUMA_NumConvSmooth = 5
SUMA_ConvColorMap (env): Colormap for convexity (gray02, gray_i02, ngray20, bgyr64, etc.)
    default value: SUMA_ConvColorMap = gray02
SUMA_ConvBrightFactor (env): Brightness factor for convexity
    default value: SUMA_ConvBrightFactor = 0.5