surfTosurf output 1D file

Hi AFNI Guru:

I have been using AFNI surfTosurf command on both left and right hemisphere in the following setting:
for hemi in ‘lh’ ‘rh’; do
-i SUMA/std.60.${hemi}.smoothwm.gii
-i SUMA/${hemi}.smoothwm.gii
-prefix SUMA/std.60
-mapfile SUMA/std.60.${subj}_${hemi}.niml.M2M
-dset SUMA/${hemi}.lausanne_250.annot.niml.dset
-output_params NearestNode
rm -r SUMA/std.60.1D
so it seems that on the first loop for left hemisphere, the function creates a “std.60.1D” file besides std.60.lh.lausanne_250.annot.niml.dset output and if this file doesn’t get deleted, the second loop for right hemisphere wont run. now i have been able to get away by removing this extra file using “rm -r” but i am moving our pipeline to a nipype structure and this extra file is really making thing complicated. i am wondering if there can be an option that deletes this file immediately like --remove_1D_file for command-line options.