@SUMA_AlignToExperiment - Failed to create shift matrix

I’m trying to run @SUMA_AlignToExperiment but it errors out early with “Failed to create shift matrix”. Any suggestions?

@SUMA_AlignToExperiment -align_centers -exp_anat O659anatavg.nii -surf_anat fs_SurfVol.nii -prefix fs_SurfVol_Alnd_Exp.nii
++ 3dcopy: AFNI version=AFNI_20.0.01 (Jan 21 2020) [64-bit]
Calculating center shift…
++ 3dcopy: AFNI version=AFNI_20.0.01 (Jan 21 2020) [64-bit]
++ 3drefit: AFNI version=AFNI_20.0.01 (Jan 21 2020) [64-bit]
++ Authored by: RW Cox
++ Processing AFNI dataset ./O659anatavg_shft.nii

  • deoblique
  • loading and re-writing dataset ./O659anatavg_shft.nii (./O659anatavg_shft.nii in NIFTI storage)
    ++ 3drefit processed 1 datasets
    Failed to create shift matrix

There was a recent bug in @Align_Centers that @SUMA_AlignToExperiment calls. Update to the most recent version of AFNI and try again.

Thanks, I updated today, but after a log out and a restart I am still getting the same error at the same point. I did see a suggestion on another post to try using -wd, but that didn’t work either.


Would you try it again with the “-echo” option included, and save the text output, as in:

using tcsh syntax:

@SUMA_AlignToExperiment -echo -align_centers -exp_anat O659anatavg.nii \
     -surf_anat fs_SurfVol.nii -prefix fs_SurfVol_Alnd_Exp.nii |& tee out.align.txt

or using bash syntax:

@SUMA_AlignToExperiment -echo -align_centers -exp_anat O659anatavg.nii \
     -surf_anat fs_SurfVol.nii -prefix fs_SurfVol_Alnd_Exp.nii 2>&1 | tee out.align.txt

and then please email out.align.txt to either Daniel or I (click my name for the address)?
That might help us see what is happening.


  • rick