So, I’ve been trying to follow the step-by-step walkthrough of SUMA tutorial online:

However, everytime I get to the following step:
tcsh run_suma &

I get this error message;
[1] 13748
MACminnGH:afni sondosayyash$ [1] 13752 13753
Error: attempt to add non-widget child “dsm” to parent “[A] SUMA” which supports only widgets


Command not found.

When I hit ‘ls’, however, I see run_suma listed as one of the options… so why would I be getting these errors, what do they mean, and how can I work around this error?

Thanks in advance,

I look forward to your response :slight_smile:

Additional Info: Processor-OSX

Probably that involves setting an environment variable because of Xquartz fun, as seen from a similar message here:,152998,152998
with the solution from Bob:,152998,152999#msg-152999

If you want more information about setting the environment variable in either tcsh or bash from the command line, please see the instructions in Step 1-B here:
which should actually apply to this situation.