SUIT Cerebellum Probabilistic Mask

Dear AFNI experts,

I am interested in analyzing cerebellar contributions to our validity effect using SUIT - the probabilistic atlas of for the cerebellum. I have already completed all my whole-brain analyses, but don’t know where to start with using atlases. All my analyses were conducted in a Talairach space. Do I have to convert them to MNI before using SUIT? Can I use SUIT as a mask for my t-tests and ANOVAs? Or do I have to segment my anatomical and functional images, and then run the analyses?

I am new to AFNI and have no idea what I’m doing so all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


If your data is in Talairach space, and you want to use an MNI atlas, then you have a few choices:

  1. Redo the analysis in MNI. This is the most accurate generally, assuming you know which MNI template to use for that atlas.
  2. Move the atlas to Talairach space.
  3. Move your statistical results or statistical coordinate to MNI space.

Both of the last two choices, require transforming the data between MNI and Talairach spaces. That can be accomplished several ways. If your data was put into Talairach space by alignment to the TT_N27 dataset, then you can use an exact 12-piece transformation. See these previous post and its included links for how to do that.,157350,157357#msg-157357

For the SUIT Cerebellum atlas, there is an AFNI version of that here. Since then, there have been some updates too including the most recent functional atlas that can be used too.