Strange *.niml.dset bug

Hello -

I’ve noticed a small bug across functions (3dcalc, 3dMean). Whenever I set the -prefix argument as “some_dir/output.niml.dset”, the output ignores the directories in the prefix, and simply outputs to the current working directory (./output.niml.dset).

Am I doing something wrong? Again, I’ve only noticed this with *.niml.dset or *.1D datasets, not *.nii or *+orig datasets.


Hi Pete,

You are right, there seems to be problem with that. It may be a few days before I get to hunting that down, but it will happen.

Thanks for point it out!

  • rick

Hi Pete,

Okay, I finally got to this. A fix is in, and we will rebuild binaries tonight. They should be ready in the morning.

Thanks again for pointing this out!

  • rick

Great! Thank you so much