Strange looking surface nodes

I noticed some strange error with my data projected to surface and would appreciate some help. Here’s what I did: I made a SUMA folder with @SUMA_Make_Spec_FS from the freesurfer recon data, and then using the spec, pial, smoothwm files, I projected task functional MR data to the subject’s surface and created .niml.dset files. However, when I tried to visualize the functional data in SUMA, something seemed to have gone wrong with node assignments. The attached image has simple visualizations of node numbers (i.e. the first column of .niml.dset files). I usually see smooth gradients from back to front with other datasets (left), but this time I see additional dots with high node numbers (right; bright red dots) all over the surface. The gray/white matter boundaries were aligned well with the volume data, so it doesn’t seem to be an alignment problem. Could you please help me troubleshoot? Thanks!