solved, see the conjunction analysis reply elsewhere

Again, List experts,

I have read a paper for the conjunction analysis with AFNI, Emmorey et al., (2014), “How sensory motor systems impact the neural organization for language: direct contrasts between spoken and signed language” (Frontiers in psychology).

In this paper, (page 7), it reads, “We used false discovery rate correction for multiple comparisons to identify clusters of significant activation in the ASL vs.English sentence contrast. Only clusters of 30 or more contiguous voxels surviving q = 0.001 are reported”.

“To identify the regions of the common activation between ASL and English sentence comprehension relative to the baseline,a conjunction analysis was performed using the minimum statistic (q = 0.01) for each condition to test the conjunction null hypothesis(i.e.,minimum statistic compared to conjunction null; Nicholsetal.,2005)”.

I am naive with the method of “false discovery rate correction”. I suspect whether the “q=0.001, and q=0.01” is wrong, but it should be “p=0.001, and p=0.01”. Any one can advise me how to do this FDR correction with AFNI? Further I do not know how to find the q value in the GUI. Is that one below the p value in the GUI? When we set the q value, then we disregard the p value?

Thanks so much for your time,