Simple statistic question

I've only just started learning afni a short while ago.
This may be a simple question, afni has many, many powerful commands and I have some questions about it.

My experiment is a 2x2 within-subjects design.In SPSS it might be possible to use “Analyze—General Linear Model—Repeated Measure Anova”.
What command line should I use in afni? Is it 3dANOVA2? I've also seen some topic on the message boards using 3dMEMA,3dMVM etc.

Is there any detailed documentation or instructions here, examples would be great!
Sincere thanks for every reply!



You have some options. 3dMVM is the most versatile to handle covariates and unbalanced designs. All the documentation is over at 8.9. Multivariate modeling (MVM) approach for group analysis — AFNI, SUMA and FATCAT: v23.1.10

I threw together this quick figure to make the decision a bit easier.


Thank you for your reply!!! It looks very clear and concise!