Saving Separate Images in Afni Viewer

Hello AFNI community,

Is it possible to save every slice in the AFNI viewer as a separate image?


Not sure what you want to accomplish exactly, but here are few things you can do:

  1. In the “Disp” panel, turn off “Save one”. That all the button in the Image viewer window save every slice image separately
    1b. Drive afni GUI from a script with SAVE_ALLJPEG, SAVE_ALLPNG, SAVE_JPEG, SAVE_PNG commands.
    See README.driver, plugout_drive and @DriveAfni for info and examples
  2. 3dZcutup allows you to split up all your data into single slice datasets
  3. from3D creates multiple ppm images from a dataset that can be converted to jpeg images

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your help, I will try it.

I am trying to share some statistical fmri results with a team of radiologists who don’t use AFNI. A few of them want to see all 176 slices.
I was thinking of just putting it in powerpoint as animations and they can scroll through them.



You might want to make a montage, as well, perhaps, which can be done conveniently with @chauffeur_afni. Here are some examples:


Also, this might do what you want:

@chauffeur_afni                                                       \
    -ulay    INPUT_FILE                                              \
    -prefix  OUTPUT                                                 \
    -set_xhairs OFF                                                  \
    -label_mode 1 -label_size 3                                       \
    -save_ftype MPEG  \

You can provide an overlay and lots of other features, too.