ROI volume rendering

I have a question about volume rendering.

Now I am using the atlas ‘CA_ML_18_MNIA’ which has 116 ROIs. I would like to perform 3D visualization of each ROIs from this atlas.
I have tried AFNI Renderer on AFNI GUI, but it seems be hard to control images.
If I want to use SUMA for this, what should I do first? for example how to make the input for SUMA.


Hi, Jung-

I think this tutorial is very relevant for you:

In the beginning of that, some ROIs are made (just spheres) and put into a single volume-- you don’t have to do that, since you have your own ROIs already. But the steps following that show how to generate surfaces for each ROI and show them in SUMA.


If you want all or some of the regions in an atlas, follow the examples here: