ROI mask with labels


I was wondering if there was a way to create a mask of spheres that are labeled 1 though 20? I have taken the following approach:

  1. Created a text file with a list of coordinate files (separate lines for each xyz) → 3dundump to draw spheres
  2. Used 3dROIstats to extract beta weights
    *Problem: since 3dundump labels all the spheres as 1, it is impossible to extract specific beta weights for each of the ROIs using 3dROIstats.

When functionally defining ROIs, 3dmaxima did a fantastic job at labeling all the spheres (1toN), which made it very easy to use 3dROIstats. Therefore, I am wondering if this can be done for 3dundump?


Use a fourth column in your input xyz or ijk coordinate file, and the value will be applied to the sphere.

Thank you!!!

Thank you from me too!