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Hello afni team,

I’d like to use @RetinoProc script to process somatotopic mapping. The idea is very similar to the retinotopic paradigm. Our experiment design includes 8 cycles of consecutive stimulus of 8 body parts from L fact to R face and each stimulus of each body part lasts 6 seconds. The whole stimulus of 8 body parts last 48 seconds (6 seconds * 8 body parts = 48 seconds) followed by a rest period of 12 seconds. Therefore, one cycle lasts 60 seconds.

I am wondering how I can handle the 12 seconds rest period in @RetinoProc script file since I only can see the option -pre_ecc PREECC: -pre_pol PREPOL: which is the duration before the each of the stimulus.

Any helps would be appreciated!

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This is actually not a reply originating from me, but from the eminent Ziad Saad (who currently is traveling and couldn’t post it himself):

The on duration for this stimulus is 6 seconds followed by an off period of 54 seconds. It is easiest to think of these parameters from a voxel’s point of view: the foot voxel will see 6seconds of action and 54 seconds of rest.

Hope that is useful.


Thank you Taylor,

So…when I am using @RetinoProc script to generate the phase map with our experimental design (48 seconds of stimulus and 12 seconds of rest. 48 seconds stimulus include 6 seconds x 8 locations), can I setup as following in the script…?

-period_pol: 60
-on_pol: 8 6

In this way, can @RetinoProc (or 3dRetinoPhase) calculate the highest amplitude and phase values at the repetition frequency (0.017Hz ~ 60 seconds) in each voxel? What’s the role of -on_pol option in here?

Thank you again!