Hello AFNI Experts,

I am working on a project that is linking MRS data with functional data.

I am trying to use the voxel that was aquired from the MRS data on each individual subject to be used as an ROI for the functional data.

In order to overlay the MRS voxel on top of each individual’s gray matter mask, the physicist resampled the gray matter mask from 192 X 192 X 144 to 256 X256 X256. However, to get the functional, T1, and ROI aligned, I will need to get the gray matter mask back into the same 192 X 192 X 144 matrix. I thought I could simply do this via 3dresample and have the T1 serve as the master. However, this went terribly awry. Is there perhaps a better way of going about this?

I would appreciate any guidance!



3dresample sounds like a reasonable approach. I think we really need more details with your specific commands. How did you align everything together?

Hi Daniel,

Would it be okay if I sent you my gray matter mask with the rACC overlay. It may be best just to show you. Can I private message it to you? I ultimately want to warp the rACC mask to MNI space. I thought maybe I would need to do a preliminary step of warping the gray matter with rACC mask overlay onto its gray matter mask that is still in native T1 space.

Thank you!!!