resampling images (including results)

Dear AFNI experts,

I have used 3dresample when I have needed to low the resolution of an image for certain analysis (to help my computer to ran those). But, when I try to increase an image resolution there is not a visual difference comparing to the previous one even though the parameters have changed (example, from 3x3x3 to 1x1x1). So, is it possible to the program to increase to resolution? Another question is, if I have a result (at subject level or group level) and I want to increase it’s resolution, Is it recommendable? Could this computation change the results (considering that number of voxels and other parameters change)?

Thanks a lot,

Increasing resolution by resampling is often called “upsampling”. Synthesizing data is “difficult”. It is almost never useful to upsample and usually works against you by taking up more memory and disk space. The question is vague, but depending on what you do with the data will often get similar but different results. How similar and different depends on what you are doing. There are cases when it works well - but usually not.