representational similarity in AFNI?

I have single-trial betas. I want to correlate betas in ROI X with those in ROI Y. I saw that functions like 3dNetCorr require a 3d+time dataset. I am looking to get a correlation coefficient as my output. Is there a function for this?

Do you have betas from multiple subjects, or just one subject? What you want to calculate is NOT VERY CLEAR from your terse question.

I have betas from multiple subjects, but I would be doing the correlation within-subject. I want to calculate the correlation of a single-trial beta in one ROI with that of a different ROI within the same subject. Sorry for lack of clarity… I hope that helps

If these are betas from -stim_times_IM say, then it
should be valid to treat that beta list as a time series
in 3dNetCorr. Where there errors when doing so?

  • rick