Reporting motion


What is the best way to report motion with the 3dvolreg? I’m using -dfile to output the motion parameters, but I don’t see how the output corresponds to the output displayed when -maxdisp is used. I’m unable to find the same result displayed in the .txt file created with -dfile. Also, is it possible to report the max displacement and the mean displacement?


“Best” is a word we tend to avoid, but “good”, “reasonable” and “better” are okay. The Euclidean norm (enorm) is usually the one that we use. That’s the L2 norm of the backward difference of the motion parameters. The motion parameters are relative to a base volume, not relative to the previous one.’s help has more information under the help for the option “-regress_censor_motion LIMIT” which uses the enorm. You can also see help examples 10b, 15a for examples of generating censor lists with enorm or pairwise displacement.