Reinstalling AFNI Writing Errors

Hi Gurus:

I recently changed my Mac OS to Sierra and for simplicity just uninstalled AFNI with the intention of reinstalling it because a lot of stuff got messed up in the OS change over. I’m stepping through the ‘essential system setup’ and am on Step 2. For the most part things are going ok but I’m getting a decent amount of ERRORS that look like the following:

** ERROR: Failed to open /Users/BuddhaStalin/.afni/help/@SUMA_renumber_FS.complete for writing
** ERROR: Failed to open /Users/BuddhaStalin/.afni/help/@chauffeur_afni.complete for writing

It’s not A LOT per say but it’s still popping up for like…every 20th program. I haven’t tested my installation yet (as I am still doing it) but is this something I should be worried about?


Hi Lauren,

That suggests while you can write to such existing files, you
cannot write to that directory. Maybe this is better to resolve
via email. Would you please click on my name to get my
email address and send a message?


  • rick