regression without HRF but just one regressor?

Hello afni experts,

I am trying to do an analysis where after a few preprocessing steps I need to run a linear regression where the independent variable is one BOLD signal time course (linear detrended, bandpass filtered and averaged across the whole brain, so only one regressor that I generate beforehand) and the dependent variable is the individual voxel’s time course.
This linear regression should not include any other regressors, no HRF, no stim time files etc. Just a simple regression between the voxels time course and this one regressor.

Is it possible to do such a regression with 3dDeconvolve or another function in afni?

Thank you very much for any help!

Carolin, try something like

3dDeconvolve -stim_file your-regressor

In addition use ‘-polort 0’ to include an intercept (or ‘-polort -1’ to exclude an intercept).