Registration of functional image in the original space

AFNI expert,

We are using original T1 image for neuronavigation with TMS.
We wonder how to do registration of functional image on the original T1 image.
In the standard preprocessing procedure suggested by, maybe we can tweak the “-base” option in @auto_tlrc?
@auto_tlrc transforms the original space to the standard space (e.g., MNI), but what we like to do is the original space so that we can use in neuronavigation.
What can we do for this purpose?

Sungshin Kim

Hi, Sungshin Kim-

Do you want the final space of the data to be the individual’s own T1w volume?

If so, you can still use, and just leave out the “tlrc” from the block list. Then, the data will not be warped/mapped to a standard space.