reading niml.dset file

Hello afni,

I have a question about the output file from the RetinoProc script file.

I am using the RetinoProc script file to create the somatotopic map and wondering whether or not there is a way to open the output file in the Matlab. In other words, can I open the file in the Matlab?

I’ve tried to use ConvertDset to convert the .niml.dset file to ASCII niml format and was able to read the ASCII file format in the Matlab. However, this converted file cannot be read in SUMA. Here is the code that I was using to convert the .niml.dset file to ASCII niml file.

ConvertDset -o_niml_asc -input -prefix

I would like to modify several phase information manually in Matlab. Or if I can read .niml.dset in afni, that could be another option for me.

Thank you,

You should be able to read and write .1D and .1D.dset text files too with ConvertDset.