Re: AFNI R packages installation question


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I have a quick follow-up question regarding R packages: Are there any scripts in which you need a particular version of R (asking about 3dLME and 3dMVM specifically)? I am having trouble running my 3dLME script, and have had trouble in the past with 3dMVM until I loaded a particular version of R (I believe 3.3.0 - but this was awhile ago)

I ran the -check_all - with the output: -check : SUCCESS. I am using R/3.4. I was under the impression that R could handle programs that necessitate earlier versions of R, but I just want to double check that this is the case with AFNI’s use of R as I continue to trouble shoot my script.

Thanks for any clarification.


3dMVM and 3dLME seem to be compatible with a number of R versions. I woudl expect R v3.3 or 3.4 would be fine for those.

Other/newer programs (such as MBA and RBA) might require newer R version. However, we have had trouble with installation for those, so at the moment I wouldn’t upgrade just to upgrade (we have to contact the authors of a particular package for assistance in their very new/different version).

So, if your programs are working, then I wouldn’t upgrade just to upgrade.