Question about the AFNI bootcamp dates for 2024

Dear AFNI Team! Could you please provide information on the scheduled/planned dates for the AFNI Bootcamp this year? Do you plan to have the AFNI Bootcamp in March and/or October of 2024? I'm interested in attending and would like to know the anticipated dates. Thank you!


Thanks for your interest in this.

In "normal" years (if those exist anymore?) we would have a Bootcamp on NIH campus (Bethesda, MD, USA) in both autumn and spring. We were happily able to start back up with in-person Bootcamps this past Oct.

We would like to have one this spring. At the moment, there is a bit of unfortunate uncertainty about spring scheduling, so any announcement about that will be a bit delayed.

I can only picture us having on in autumn, 2024, as well, though whether it will be Oct or Nov will be to-be-determined for a while yet.


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Good afternoon!
I was about to ask this same question :)
Any chance you know when will be released the autumn dates? I'll be checking periodically, but in case you have an idea. Thank you so much!