Question about surf stats file to std surf

I have suma files, a original spec file (e.g. AA.lh.spec) and std spec file (e.g. std.40.AA.lh.spec), and I have done statistical analysis on the original spec file and get some file like stat.niml.dset. Now I want to do some group analysis, it seems like I need to use the std template, but how could I transform the stat file to match the standard spec?

Thanks a lot!

You can use SurfToSurf to map data between the original mesh and the standard mesh. The example is tucked away in the MapIcosahedron documentation here.

Say you want to map another (SOMEDSET) dataset defined on the
orignal mesh onto the std.60 mesh and use the same mapping derived 
by MapIcosahedron. The command for that would be:

SurfToSurf -i_fs std.60.rh.smoothwm.asc \
-i_fs rh.smoothwm.asc \
-prefix std.60. \
-mapfile std.60.rh.niml.M2M \
-dset rh.SOMEDSET.gii.dset

The other option is to run your initial stats (say with on the standardized surfaces and then you can just run the Group analysis programs from there.