Question about exporting numerical design matrix

Hello all,

My dissertation work involves working heavily with design matrices for fMRI data. I have been using other software to work with the raw design matrices and was recently told by a colleague of mine that AFNI has a feature I need. Specifically AFNI grants permission to set an onset time and a single value for additional regressors. This sounds super useful for my testing! The question I have is that when I am attempting to export this matrix I get a .1d file which I am having trouble reading. I was wondering if there was a feature to export the design matrix in spreadsheet form or at least another format that I can transfer to a spreadsheet more easily.

Thank you for your assistance.


Hi Matthew,

If you just remove the comment lines from the X-matrix
file, then it should go into a spreadsheet easily, as in:

grep -v ‘^#’ X.xmat.1D > xmat.txt

  • rick