Proc py motion regressor

Dear AFNI experts,

Could you please let me know what would the motion regressors and other noise regressors output files look like after completing proc py?


Sorry for being slow, Jun.

You could look at the motion files. etc., but you can see them in the X-matrix, X.xmat.1D.

In that file, different types of regressors are assigned to different groups. Group -1 includes the polort terms (polynomial baseline regressors), group 0 includes all other regressors of no interest (where you put them into the baseline model via 3dDeconvolve’s -stim_base option), and positive groups are for regressors of interest, from 1 on up (each class gets a different group number).

To see these groups, you can open X.xmat.1D in an editor, or use to show them. For example, list all groups, or list only baseline groups (-1 and 0): -show_group_labels -infile X.xmat.1D -select_groups -1 0 -show_group_labels -infile X.xmat.1D

Does that to what you like?

  • rick