problems in using 3dttest++

Dear AFNI experts,

When I was used LONG form in 3dttest++, a fatal error "Option -setA: can’t open dataset ‘subj01.SN.EC.z+tlrc’ " always comes up. But, I examined the name of my dataset again, there were no mistakes. Each dataset only had one sub-brick which contained fisher transformed z value on each voxel. Also, the label of each dataset in covariance table is the same as the dataset label in setA or setB. My script of 3dttest++ is followed:

-setA EC subj01 subj01.SN.EC.z+tlrc
subj02 subj02.SN.EC.z+tlrc
subj04 subj04.SN.EC.z+tlrc
subj05 subj05.SN.EC.z+tlrc
-setB EO
subj01 subj01.SN.EO.z+tlrc
subj02 subj02.SN.EO.z+tlrc
subj04 subj04.SN.EO.z+tlrc
subj05 subj05.SN.EO.z+tlrc
-prefix SN_FC_ECvEO_cov_mask_clustsim
-covariates covariate.txt
-mask TT_N27_mask_resam+tlrc

Thank you all for the help

From that directory, what is the output of:

ls -l subj01.SN.EC.z+tlrc*

Also, it might be helpful to see the complete set of
output messages.

  • rick