problem with MEICA

Dear collages
I have a problem with After prepossessing, it gives me the flowing error :

-Computing PCA of optimally combined multi-echo data
Out shape is  (57, 75, 57, 188)
26.2268756693 131134.378346
Out shape is  (57, 75, 57, 188)
/home/peyman/abin/meica.libs/ FutureWarning: comparison to `None` will result in an elementwise object comparison in the future.
  #import ipdb
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/peyman/abin/meica.libs/", line 603, in <module>
    nc,dd = tedpca(options.ste)
  File "/home/peyman/abin/meica.libs/", line 397, in tedpca
    kappa_thr = np.average(sorted([fmin,kappas[getelbow(kappas)]/2,fmid]),weights=[kdaw,1,1])
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/numpy/lib/", line 927, in average
    a = a + 0.0
TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'float'

I sent you a pm about where to upload your data for further inspection of the problem if you’re still having it.