Problem with installing AFNI on M1

Hi everyone. I'm trying to install AFNI using the guidelines on this page:

My system is MacBook Air with M1 processor. I can successfully complete the set up up to step D. In step E, I get this error:

-- backing up .zshrc to .zshrc.adot.bak

** failed to open text file '.zshrc' for writing

** error: failed to append shell text to file .zshrc

Can anyone help me with this please?

Hm, odd.

What is the output of:

ls -l ~/.zshrc*


And what does the log file look like, which is called out.mac_12_b_user.txt, in the home directory?


Dear Taylor,

Thank you for helping me. Running your command, I realized it was a problem with access, so I changed the access to root and successfully installed AFNI. Thanks again,

Well, OK, but you shouldn't need to use root access for AFNI binaries. We typically try to avoid that, so updating and managing the binaries is easier. That's why the default build instructions have AFNI's abin in the home directory.