Postdoctoral position — fMRI of cortical columns and layers

On behalf of Dr. Amir Shmuel-

Applications are accepted for post-doctoral research in Ultra-High Field functional MRI acquisition, analysis and modeling. The successful candidate will apply cutting-edge acquisition and analysis techniques for high spatial resolution functional MRI from the human visual cortex, at the resolution of cortical columns and layers. The scientific questions can be on methodology and/or mechanisms of visual perception or resting-state functional connectivity.

The successful candidate will be able to acquire fMRI data using a newly installed Siemens 7 Tesla Terra scanner at the Montreal Neurological Institute’s Brain Imaging Centre, Montreal Canada.

The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated researcher, with a recently completed or about to be completed PhD. He/she will have strong analytical background, with basic education in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science or a related field. First-hand experience with either the acquisition and/or analysis of functional MRI data, computational methods, machine learning, signal processing and the visual brain are highly desired. Please send your CV, including list of publications to Applications will be reviewed starting on January 3rd, 2019.