Postdoc ad: Section on Learning and Decision Making (NIMH, NIH, USA)

(Posted on behalf of Bruno Averbeck in the NIMH’s Section on Learning and Decision Making):

We are looking to hire a post-doc to work in the Laboratory of Neuropsychology, Section on Learning and Decision Making, in the National Institute of Mental Health:

The overall goal of the project is to understand how changes in brain and behavior over adolescent development are related. A major component of the project entails investigating correlative changes in spine density/circuit maturation with reinforcement learning across adolescent development in macaque monkeys. To this end, the project will involve a multiparametric approach to circuit evaluation with major emphasis on histological measures in macaques, including spines and myelination, with changes in structural imaging data over the same period. The candidate will have an exciting opportunity to participate in a wider multi-lab consortium effort using combined in vivo and ex vivo electrophysiological circuit interrogation as well as single cell sequencing approaches to complement the histological and structural imaging platforms to yield a molecular, anatomical, and functional blueprint of adolescent macaque brain development. This project will be part of a larger program, that includes developmental work in human adolescents using closely related behavioral and imaging measures. The work in macaques will provide mechanistic insight into similar developmental changes observed in the human adolescents.

Ideal candidates for this position will have solid background skills in neuroanatomy, histological tissue processing, fluorescent labeling, microscopy, morphology, and dendritic spine analysis. Familiarity with, or an interest in learning, modern genetic approaches to neuronal circuit and subtype evaluation at molecular (eg. RNAseq) and functional (eg. cell subtype specific labeling and actuation with ChR2 or DREADDs) levels, as well as computational and bioinformatic skills, would be advantageous.

Please contact Bruno Averbeck with additional questions (email in above link).