Plotting .NETCC (FATCAT) 3dNetCorr

I was trying to plot the .netcc files produced by 3dNetCorr as a matrix and tried to follow the steps from this link;

I made sure afni and r are installed correctly on my computer.
I even used this command and it ran fine (following the steps from the website): "

@afni_R_package_install -shiny -circos

However, when I try to run this command:

@FATCAT_matplot ~/my_Netcc_files

I get the error message:

-bash: FATCAT_matplot: command not found

I’m not sure why this is happening and what I can do to fix this. Any help would be appreciated .

Hi, Sondos-

This is a pretty new function that Justin has created, so it is possible that your version of AFNI is a bit old. You can see what version you have with

afni -ver

If you try just typing the name of the function by itself, you should see the helpfile text, if your AFNI does contain it:


To update your binaries, you can simply type:

@update.afni.binaries -d

which will put a newer version of the AFNI binaries in your current location, and you can try the @FATCAT_matplot_shiny thing again.

For static images (pngs), there is an older program called, as well, which could be run like: --matr_in FILE.netcc --Pars="CC" --A_plotmin=-1 --B_plotmax=1 --Hold_image -T

as an example. But hopefully you can get the @FATCAT_matplot_shiny working.


@FATCAT_matplot_shiny has been renamed to FATCAT_matplot for more shortiness.