Plot of stimulus events for 3dDeconvolve


I’d like to make sure I’m modeling my stimulus events correctly in 3dDeconvolve using the BLOCK function. Is there a way to plot the onset and offset of stimuli within each condition?
Here’s what I’d like to see: a plot with time on the x-axis and lines on different levels of the y-axis (one line per condition), indicating stimulus onset and the offset of the block.


Hi Phil,

It sounds like you just want to plot the regression matrix,
or at least the non-baseline regressors from it. Consider
how does that in the @ss_review_driver

If you want to get a text-based report from the timing alone,
consider example 13a from “ -help”: -multi_timing stim.* -multi_timing_to_event_list GE:ALL -
  • rick

Got it. I knew something existed that was exactly what I wanted, but couldn’t find it for some reason. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.