Overlapping of two brain mappings

Hi AFNI experts,

Is there any way in AFNI/SUMA to visualize the overlapping of two brain mappings? One-color brain mapping represents one condition, similar to the figure in the attachment.

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For surfaces like the ones you’ve shown, SUMA shows these kinds of images in a similar way. Each surface is colored by a dataset, usually in a niml.dset or .gii format. That dataset can be colored with different color scales and with different transparencies.

Hi, Dan-

To add a bit to Daniel’s description-- there are videos describing how to do this which will be added to the AFNI Academy YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC40RiNZN7_dCuB6Lg7HJl1g) shortly.

At the moment, you can download them (the *.flv file videos play in “vlc”, and hopefully in any other software you are using to watch) and the links for the videos are here:

… showing the GUI-clicking way of doing that (recommended to start):
… and the “driving” way of doing it (from the command line), once that makes sense:

… and the accompanying scripts are here: