output of intercept estimates from 3dMVM

Hi Gang,
After running 3dMVM without any -glt, I realized that the output only provides F statistics for each of the main effects. If I am interested in the intercept estimate (not it’s F statistics), is there a convenient way of getting it?

Thank you so much!

Zhihao, could you show the part of “-model …” in your 3dMVM script?

3dMVM -prefix blah
-dataTable \


-gltCode "GENDER : 0.5*male + 0.5*female"

haha, this is smart!
Given uneven sex distribution in my sample, I guess that I should put “m% * male + f% * female”

What are you looking for: the average between the two sexes, or the average among all the subjects?

the average among all the subjects

By the same token, you may want to do the same for sites if subjects are not balanced:

-gltCode "GENDER : ?*male + ?*female SITE : ?*site1 +?*site2"