Only a few missing sub bricks at end of scan, how to fill in for glm analysis?

After running glm analysis, it looks like there was a problem with the scanner at the end of one of our scans. The problem was eventually corrected by the MR tech for our final scan. So we have consecutive scans preceding scan 11 working with correct amount of sub bricks, we then complete scan 11. After failing to correctly start 12 and 13 due to scanner stopping unexpectedly, the MR tech was able to fix the scanner issue by scan 14 and 15.

In summary, scans before 11 were fine, and once the issue with the scanner was resolved 14 and 15 were fine, but scan 11 was only able to complete with 256 sub bricks, is there a few way to fill in the value for these final moments of the scan in order for glm analysis to run normally?

The error I receive in my terminal after running glm analysis is " The number of sub bricks 256 in epiRTeeg_scan_11_008+orig is incorrect. Exiting the script."

Thank you.

It would help if you could give the actual command you ran to get this error message, rather than just the message. Otherwise, we can’t know how you got to that point.