Not allow to choose Atlas in Draw Dataset plugin

For some reason afni is not allowing me to select the Atlas in the Draw Dataset plugin after I have chosen the dataset for copying.

It might be the dataset is not marked as being in a standard space like MNI. Use

3dinfo -space mydset.nii

to find out what space it is. And then

3drefit -space MNI mydset.nii

to force it to a specific space, like MNI.

I just check the dataset for copying is ORIG space when I check with 3dinfo. There are other structural files in the directory where I run afni that are in MNI space. However, when I click on choose datset for copying it only allows me to chose ORIG files.

The chooser in the Draw Dataset plugin limits input to match the grid of the underlay dataset. Choose the Underlay dataset to be one that is in the standard space.

Thank you for the help